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I bring in-depth knowledge of teaching, learning, and human development to my work as a coach. Before launching my own leadership development business, I served as an executive leader at EL Education, an influential K-12 education transformation organization. There, I led the professional development arm of the organization and supported educators and organizational leaders across the country. 

I believe that people want to collaborate with others who are not just knowledgeable, but who also move through the world with presence and integrity while they create work that sings of quality.

A trusted and respected leader, I understand how people learn; I coach them in a way that helps them redefine what's possible, contribute meaningfully, and collaborate well. I balance discipline and flexibility, seriousness and laughter; I help people move from a space of wisdom and connection. Together, we let old stories die and bring fresh ones to life.

I live in Loveland, CO with my husband, Bruce, and our two terriers. When not immersed in learning with others, I can be found in a yoga studio, boating, out sauntering, deep in a good book, or cooking up something new in the kitchen while listening to a wide range of eclectic music. My husband and I organize and host multiple gatherings each year to celebrate community, music, art, and nature.



  • Professional Certified Integral Coach through New Ventures West, with experience coaching leaders across for-profit, non-profit, and governmental contexts

  • Certified practitioner of The Leadership Circle Profile, a highly-respected, integrated framework for leadership development

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  • Deep training and experience in the Enneagram. I am currently enrolled in the Professional Training Program through the Narrative Enneagram and will complete certification in 2019.

  • Oversaw training for EL Education's 60+ instructional coaches dispersed across the nation for multiple years

  • Served as a guide for new students in the New Ventures West coaching certification program in 2018

Executive Leadership 

  • Served as a Senior Leader at EL Education, as Managing Director of Program

Leadership Development 

  • Currently work with leaders and leadership teams in the Bay Area as a part of Groupaya

  • Have crafted and facilitated over 100 multi-day leadership institutes and ongoing cohorts

  • Co-designed and facilitated a multi-year mentor leader initiative for 8 years

Professional Development Events

  • Managed a suite of events for groups up to 1,200 participants, overseeing content and logistics

Librarianship and Website Design 

  • Master's-level certification as Library Media Specialist

  • Designed EL Education's virtual Resource Library

  • Designed, built, and managed a new library for Erwin Middle School in Loveland, CO

  • Current Library Board member with the City of Loveland


  • 17 years of experience in adult education; 15 in secondary education

  • Yoga Instructor - Registered RYT 200 yoga instructor who teaches weekly


EL Education, Exemplary Service Award


Cyndi has a great gift for bringing out the best in people­–not just the most achievement, but also the most compassion, the most understanding, and the most good. - Principal

Cyndi is my reference point for joyful, deeply-rooted, compassionate, probing, heartfelt, beautifully-crafted, energizing, authentic­ – and did I mention joyful? – leadership. -Author and Leadership Development guru

Every encounter with Cyndi includes her bright positivity and inclusivity leavened with huge amounts of smart, solution-oriented energy, focus, and humor. Cyndi has been a role model and mentor for many. I'm a better person, a better writer, and a better professional because of her. -Writer

Cyndi is values-based, intentional, and deeply present in all she does. She pushed me to find purpose and meaning in everything I do. Through her well-crafted questions, I found clarity of intention, and at all times, I feel known and cared for in her presence. It is a lift of the spirit to partner with Cyndi. -Executive Director

Cyndi’s leadership, values, and presence–both personally and professionally–helped shape and nurture our organizational culture like no one else. Cyndi always, always attends to the heart and not just the head. It is so needed. -Educational Consultant

Cyndi is amazing at seeing, cultivating, nurturing, reflecting, and amplifying the light of potential in those she touches. She holds up a vision of what is possible. She inspired me to embark on a more purposeful and joyful journey as an educator, scholar, coach, and leader. -Educational Coach

May I live this day compassionate of heart, clear in word, gracious in awareness, courageous in thought, generous in love.

~ John O’Donohue