I support individuals, teams, and organizations doing worthy work in the world by consulting on special projects. I have particular passion for education, community leadership, health and wellness, and young companies.


  • Professional facilitation - to achieve specific goals, or to delve into complex dialogue

  • Course design

  • Process design, improvement, management

  • Project management

  • Supporting effective collaboration

  • Strategic planning

  • Preparing and editing texts and presentation materials


As a consultant, my goal is to bring competence, integrity, strong communication skills, craftsmanship, and joy to projects. Collaborating with good people on meaningful work is immensely satisfying for everyone involved, and how we collaborate is just as important to me as what we're working on.


Have a project in mind? Contact me through the site, email me directly at cyndi@onlytogrow.com, or call me at 970-215-8343. Happy to discuss your idea free of charge.

Image by Steve Miles

There are common human yearnings: We want to be together; we want to learn; we hope to contribute to others; we want our children to be healthy and have better lives.

~Margaret Wheatley